• Send Rakhi Online to your Dear Brother Irrespective of his Location on the Globe

    There are many stories in Indian history that give us a vivid description as to from where this Rakhi festival originated. Let us go through the well-known stories related to Rakhi festival. 


    Send Rakhi Online to your Dear Brother Irrespective of his Location on the Globe

    The History Behind Raksha Bandhan Festival: -


    Ø Krishna and Draupadi : The story behind this is that once Lord Krishna cut his finger and his wife Rukmani asked the officials for bringing some bandages for his treatment. At that time Draupadi the wife of the five Pandavas was present there and she tore a piece of her sari and tied Krishna’ s finger. On this gesture, Krishna was very happy and pledged to help Draupadi during all her entire life. Thus Krishna helped Draupadi by protecting her from the unceremonious disrobing on the order of Duryodhana.

    Ø Mughal Emperor Humayun and Karnavati : Rani Karnavati was the official of Mewar after the death of her husband Rana Sanga. She ruled in the name of her elder son Vikramjeet.  When Bahadur Shah of Gujarat attacked Mewar, Rani Karnavati asked for help by sending a rakhi to Emperor Humayun. Emperor responded and was coming to help Karnavati but before that Bahadur Shah ransacked Mewar and Karnavati poured fire into her own self and died. Humayun later won Mewar and restored it for Karnavati’s son Vikramjeet.


            Hence the Rakhi festival originated from these historical occurrences.


    Necessity of sending Rakhi online 

    At present, the celebration of this festival is not only confined to India but also in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, or any other parts of the world where Indians have settled for job or business purpose. This festival is dedicated to symbolize the love between Sister and brother and she never forgets to buy Brother rakhi and send rakhi to her brother even if he stays away.  And, in this modern era, you are enabled with a choice to Send Rakhi online to your brother. As the family system has become mostly Nuclear in Indian cities and towns nowadays because for job purposes brother or even the sister has to go out of station and even settle overseas or some distant places within India, hence during the time of Raksha Bandhan Festival mostly it is found that brothers or sisters because of job commitments are not at the same place. During this situation, Rakhis need to be sent online by the sweet sisters to their dear brothers.  Thus Aarav Rakhi has made your online Rakhi shopping experience one of the easiest and the most satisfying you have thought before and with this online shopping, a sweet sister can send Rakhi to her dearest brother in any part of the globe. Thus without a slim bit of different thoughts of not sending Rakhi online, take a look at Aarav Rakhi and obviously without any hesitations send Rakhis online to your brothers wherever they are on the globe. 

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    Therefore, all Indian sisters based in India or across the globe deliberately look out for Aarav Rakhis in this Raksha Bandhan Festival.

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