• Turn on the Celebration Mode and Get Going with the Best-Ever Rakhi Designs for Your Brother

    India is a huge nation well known for its diverse culture and terrain. It has a variety of religions, amongst which Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism originate from the subcontinent itself. This is one well-known fact about India. The other well known fact about India is, the Indian population living abroad is the largest in the world. But being away from their nation doesn’t stop Indians from following their culture and celebrating their festivals. Indians anywhere around the world make sure to leave a mark and this makes them stand out amongst the others. on Rakhi Let us help you to Send Rakhi to Singapore to surprise your brother.

    Turn on the Celebration Mode and Get Going with the Best-Ever Rakhi Designs for Your Brother

    Indians in Singapore

    Talking about Indians and not using Singapore in the same sentence is a crime in itself. Singapore is a country built by the mainly by immigrants and it holds a lot of population of India. For an Indian, it is fairly easy to immigrate to Singapore as over 10 percent of the population there belongs to India. And currently, all thanks to companies in banking and financial sector, for holding their regional headquarters in Singapore, there is a high rate of the expatriate population belonging to India there. In fact, the rate of Indian population there is so high that the Bollywood movies in Singapore are released on the same day as they are in India. Also, you get Indian food everywhere available and get to celebrate Indian festivals the same way they do in India.

    Indian Festivals

    There are a variety of Indian festivals. Each festival comes with its own glory and happiness. And Indians are very enthusiastic when it comes to celebrating their festivals. They dazzle the society wherever they be. This has been well witnessed and experienced by the world. From the auspicious Diwali to the crazy Holi, India has plenty of festivals to enjoy and the blissful moments to celebrate throughout the year. Amongst all these comes a very pious festival which holds a different meaning, shares a very different value and strengthens the bond between brothers and sisters. This festival is called Raksha Bandhan or even called Rakhi. Rakhi, inspite of being a Hindu festival is celebrated by all the Indians, no matter which caste they belong to or which religion they follow. Also, it is not just celebrated by the people living in India but is also celebrated by Indians around the globe. 

    Our Online Rakhi Store

    Earlier to celebrate Rakhi it was necessary for you to be with your brother. But this is not the case now. Today no matter where you are, you can get anything delivered anywhere, even if it is your special rakhi for your special brother. We are at your service. We, at Aarav Rakhis – Online Rakhi Store, understand your emotions and your need for your rakhi to reach your brother on time. And so here we are to give you an opportunity to celebrate Rakhi with your lovelies and your siblings around the world. 

    Aarav Online Rakhi Store provides you with a very trendy collection of Rakhi. We have a varied range of rakhis starting right from ethnic to modern and modern to contemporary. You pick it and we will deliver it at your doorstep. We offer first class services to all our customers and give them an opportunity to celebrate this festival of bonding and caring even if they are miles apart. 

    At Aarav rachis, we not only offer rakhis but we also offer our beloved customers Rakhi gift hamper. If this rakhi you wish to send sweets or a memento of love and care to your lovelies around the world, we would be glad to be at your service.

    Celebrate Rakhi in Singapore with Aarav Rakhis 

    We at Aarav Rakhis are well aware of the high Indian population in Singapore. So it was substantially a must for us to be able to deliver rakhis and goodies to Singapore. Therefore you being in India, need not worry about your rakhi not reaching your brother on Rakhsha Bandhan. 

    The ‘How?’ Process

    Log in to your laptop, connect to the internet and proceed with the following:

     Visit us atour online Rakhis’ store.

     Select the link that shows an option to Send Rakhi to Singapore.

     Explore through our trendy collection. Take your pick.

     Provide us with your delivery address.

     Proceed with the payment process.

    And that’s all you got to do and leave all your worries to us. 

    Aarav Rakhis Store has been in business for the past 5 years and hence we understand our customers better than anybody else. And we make sure that we do not disappoint our customers, because we aim to please.

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